Ground Beef Enchilada Zucchini Boats

This protein-rich, iron-rich food can be a healthy addition to your diet, if you do it right. Additionally, you can substitute ground turkey, chicken, venison, or even bison in just about any dish calling for ground beef. On top of that I added zucchini since the other old recipe (ground turkey sweet potato skillet) has only sweet potato. Nothing says childhood like one of our favorite ground beef dishes: Sloppy Joes!ground beef recipes

I felt much better about feeding these to my kids than from the spice bag, and they are so much tastier IMHO. If beef isn’t your thing, try these 50 ways to use ground turkey or ground chicken instead. Often times it’s best to buy the leanest ground meat to avoid pouring hot fat off into the fire or on your stove.

You can either go to each recipe and print them out OR you can sign up to receive the printable recipes in an ebook all for free! Ground Beef is easy to thaw in the microwave or in your refrigerator if you have a little more time. In a medium bowl, cut oranges and rub the beef chunks then rinse with hot water, drain and set aside.

Ground beef sounds like a simple ingredient, but it can shift into a variety of different dishes. How can you complain about a simple weeknight meal, like these perfect ground beef tacos (can totally use ground turkey, too!) that are made from scratch and still on the table in less than 30 minutes.

Instead of the usual greasy meat toppings like pepperoni or sausage, try sprinkling some cooked lean ground beef on your pizza instead. I find ground beef gives the best flavor but you can certainly substitute another type of ground meat such as ground turkey or pork.