Golden Milk Ice Cream

Churn up one of these new and improved homemade ice-cream recipes at your next party. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was that I tasted it alongside the Dark & Dangerous Mocha Ice Cream recipe in a head to head competition. Lightly whisk eggs in a medium bowl, then add half of hot milk mixture in a slow stream, whisking constantly.

In a small pot, simmer heavy cream, milk, sugar and salt until sugar completely dissolves, about 5 minutes. If you want a couple less calories, you can also use evaporated milk instead out sweetened condensed milk. Combine cream cheese with strawberries, whipping cream, milk, sugar and flavorings for a rich dessert that chills in your ice cream maker.

Layer bananas, wafers and milk chocolate pastry cream for a richer take on the classic pudding dish. Inside that thin candy shell is a thin layer of dark chocolate encompassing a whole, salted peanut. This treat, which starts with giant waffle ice cream cones, is easy to make but impressive to serve.

Home-made ice cream can be stored in the 3-rated (-18C/0F) section of the freezer for up to one week. I didn’t add any mix-ins, as I wanted to try the ice cream as is. Delicious flavor and very nice texture. Vegan Salted Bourbon Caramel Ice Cream – Vegan ice cream infused with a subtle bourbon caramel sea salt flavor.

Use the tip of a teaspoon (or the knife) to scrape all the vanilla beans into the saucepan, then toss in the whole vanilla bean pod as well. Beat cold heavy cream on medium in a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment (or using a hand mixer) until stiff peaks cream recipes