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Just the most delicious simple treat, not cake, nor biscuit… a bit in between! But there are many recipes which many of us don’t know like Tikhat Mithacha Saanza” (similar to Upma) for breakfast, Gharge, Sakhar bhat, Khamang Kakdi, Panchamrut, Gavar bhopla bhaji, Dalimbi Usal Masale bhaat, Fenya-Kurdaya etc for lunch, Dapade pohe / Takatli Ukad / Mokal Bhajani for evening snacks and light Kulthache Pithale bhaat with papad / sandgi mirchi for dinner.recipe

If you love banana bread, then you’ll absolutely love this banana bread pudding. These favorite recipes are so darn good you won’t be pining for the past- those wheat-infested glory days of a bygone gluten era. This recipe has evolved somewhat over the last hundred years or more and there are several versions out there.

But, the Bob Evan’s biscuit and gravy recipe always eluded us. Until, that is, we found the secret: we can now duplicate most restaurant recipes at home. In a bowl, combine the milk and butter; heat just until boiling and pour over bread cubes. I have many recipes, some typed, some recipes hand written on index cards or scraps of paper and even recipes torn out of magazines.

These spicy chicken fajitas take barely any time to make and require just one cast-iron skillet. You need sugar in this recipe and you really should not replace it with an artificial sweetener because it makes the taste dry in the mouth. A timeless stick-to-your-ribs comfort food, this quick-fix Salisbury steak is made with lean ground beef and dressed up with breadcrumbs, ketchup and Worcestershire sauce for texture and taste.

Just rip out pages you wish to use as a background, trim any rough edges, then glue the recipe to it. While the potatoes are cooking, crumble the ground beef into a large skillet over medium high heat. Lightly push bread down with a fork until bread has completely soaked up the egg mixture.