Whether you’re serving salmon baked, broiled, grilled, or poached; as an appetizer , one-dish dinner , or accompaniment on your brunch table; you’re bound to find a few new favorites in our collection of salmon recipes. Lay your sweet chili glazed salmon on corn tortillas, like Mission’s Extra Thin Yellow Corn Tortillas, which only have 40 calories, 0.5 g fat, and 8 g carbs per round, and be sure to load up on healthy toppings like mango, cilantro, purple cabbage, and red peppers.salmon recipe

This beautiful one-bowl-wonder is one of our 30 favorite Healthy Bowl Recipes for Weight Loss Bows are not only mesmerizingly eye-catching, but they also serve as an easy-to-make platform to get all the nutrients and energy you need in just one meal.

Keeping an ice cream recipe simple is really not my style, and here, not being able to leave well-enough alone, I’ve added a French ginger liqueur and chopped crystallized ginger to mix things up a bit, making for a more, dare I say it, sophisticated dessert.

This salmon recipe is next – we fish a lot and have LOTS of salmon to cook and this simple combination of some of my favorite flavors sounds too good to pass up. I have too many zucchini sitting on my counter right now and this afternoon am going to use your zucchini bread recipe, followed by the zucchini, feta and walnuts.

This blogger freshens up her slaw recipe by leaving out any cream; instead, she tosses up a mixture of purple and white cabbage, snap peas, onions, and basil with a bloat-banishing, skin-freshening dressing made of ginger, almond butter, lime juice, sriracha, and more.salmon recipe

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