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One of the best things about salmon is how the natural flavors of the fish pair with the taste of smoke, not to mention the great health benefits of salmon No matter if you prefer a light and lemony taste or a savory spice blend, our top four favorite recipes for smoked salmon will have something for everyone to love. To cook your salmon in parchment, add the fish, along with seasonings (say, dill) and flavorings (lemon slices, perhaps), to parchment or foil. I came across your blog while looking for pineapple tart recipes and i found yours interesting because it only requires 4 ingredients.salmon recipe

By slow roasting the fish on low heat, your window of doneness is extended, which means leaving it in the oven a little too long won’t mean you’re left with a burnt, dry piece of beautiful salmon. Never thaw salmon at room temperature because bacteria can build up in the thawed outer portions even as the center remains frozen.

Pick one up and, without removing it from the parchment paper, hold it perpendicular to the sheet pan. Check to see if your does — if so, use that and be sure to push the fish together and make sure it is directly under the lit part of the heating element (which should be only in the center of the oven).

It’s fine to use canned wild salmon instead of fresh salmon in a flavorful recipe like this — it’s a fraction of the cost and you won’t be able to tell the difference. It’s shallow thinking like yours that has put significant and dangerous levels of mercury into the environment and to an extent ruined the great benefits of eating a lot of salmon w/out worry of toxin expose.

Versatile and easy for a midweek meal or weekend dish, our simple salmon recipes give instant inspiration when you’re in a hurry – plus, they’re packed with healthy nutrients for better long-term health. Seasoned butters, like anchovy butter , or flavored oils can be drizzled on cooked salmon to good effect.