Tasty Chili Recipes

Chili, with its widespread popularity and Texas heritage, is one of America’s favorite cold weather dishes. I also like that you use coriander, which is another great spice that I see missing in many chili recipes. Conversely, if the chili is getting too thick, add back some water, so that it’s the consistency that you like. The stirred in sour cream gives this chicken chili a little something extra that puts it above the rest!

If you have access to a slow cooker, this is the perfect chili recipe to follow and cook in it for a couple of hours. Use 1 pound lean ground turkey for the ground beef for chili with 7 grams of fat and 320 calories per serving. Instead of beef he uses less-fatty ground chicken and simmers the meat in an enticing stew of diced tomatoes and fiber-rich beans.

So before the festival and fair season begins, you should try to practice cooking chili with different ingredients to come up with the best possible taste. The only big difference with this recipe and with what I normally do is that I add a small can of tomato sauce and garlic.

While the rice mixture is cooking, sauté the beef, remaining 1/2 cup of onion and 1/2 cup green pepper until beef is brown and the vegetables are tender. Of kosher salt, the crushed tomatoes, beef broth, beer, Sanka or coffee, and liquid smoke to the Dutch oven and mix everything together.

Add reserved cooked beef and bacon to the onion-spice mixture in the Dutch oven. You want the highest heat on your most powerful burner here, because the meat will want to steam and stew and not brown. This is not to be confused with ground chili or ground red pepper, which is simply the dried chili pepper ground into a powder.