What is iCloud and how does it work?

icloudIcloud is a technology using cloud computing technology. It provides you with a password to protect all your online information in your devices.  The technology enables you to upload files in the storage, acting as a backup of your hard drive content, as extra storage of your hard drive or to give you access to your online information on your apple devices. The service is free and works with all your apple devices via internet.  For example, if you happen to upload photos from your iphone, you can view them on your macbook.

Through the service, you can access all your data, photos and contacts.  When using an apple mobile phone device, such as ipad, iphone and iPod touch that are operating by the use of IOS 5 they will connect to the icloud space that is linked to your Apple ID. After connection to the internet, other apps will synchronize data automatically.  You can view, upload or download all your icloud content using any Apple computers using the icloud.com web app.  The look and feel you get from the web site is just like that of the IOS interface.

Unlike iTunes which that authorize five devices, with iCloud you can access your information with ten devices that have your Apple ID.  Besides, you can access the iCloud with any app that can connect to it.

 Apart from the storage features, you can easily stream music and videos from the cloud.  The major benefit of iCloud service is that you can back up and restore your data from Apple IOS devices.

To get started, you only need to create an account which is free.  Besides, you can create an account that is the same with your Apple ID, which is your email, address used in signing up for iTunes. Also, you can use the ID to create an iCloud account.

However, the iCloud have some challenges that are similar to those of cloud service providers.  You are limited to use software that is specifically designed to work with a specific cloud. Although you can access the iCloud whenever you have some internet connection, you still need some front end connection to control your connection and your data.  Besides, iCloud has the same internet challenge as cloud products.

In addition, you can synchronize your contacts, emails and calendars, bookmarks, reminders and notes. Besides, it has a new feature known as find my friends which you can use together with your friends with the help of a GPS to locate an area on the map.  Although iTunes has been updated, it has a new feature known as iTunes match that helps you organize your music as per genre in your iCloud account.

Finally, the iCloud have other great features but you should ensure your hardware is ready and the software compatible before you start using the app.  The service makes things easier for you by storing all your important information with you wherever you go and can easily access without any need of plugging in your devices to your computer in order to sync the information.