Steamed Food, Not Always Delicious but Rich Benefits

Roasted meat or grilled fish is delicious on the tongue, unfortunately, the nutrients are not good for health. Did you know that some foods are much better served Steamed fish recipes?
Steaming is a method of cooking groceries with liquids or water vapor. In principle, the food will mature because of hot steam so that food should not be in direct contact with boiling water under the filter. Foods produced by regular steaming are moist / wet and soft / soft.
Steaming food, especially meat, will usually make the flavor less. For example, steamed meat makes it less savory than fried or roasted, so in eating it requires sauce or soy sauce. However, there are a number of benefits to be gained from steaming food. This is it:

-with steaming, more nutrients and substances survive in food

The temperature is too hot when fry or boiling usually can kill the nutrients contained in the food. By steaming, nutrients in food tend to be more awake. Steaming vegetables means maintaining the content of vitamins (a natural concentrate that acts as an antioxidant).
Same is the case with brown rice. The content of vitamin B1 in these foods more persist if cooked rice by steaming. So is the steamed fish that has Omega-3 fatty acids more intact than boiled or fried fish.

-with steaming, texture, moisture, shape as well as the smell of food is maintained

Food that has become cold and dry in the refrigerator can be restored moisture by steaming it. By steaming, we do not need to add liquid to it so that the taste and texture of the food is maintained. Steaming also reduces the risk of cooking too overcooked or charred. During the steaming process is not too long, the food will not be destroyed.

– by steaming, we can save energy and time

We can steam some food at once without making the taste of food mixed with each other. For example, we can combine several kinds of vegetables, rice, and whole eggs in one steaming process.
Steaming also saves energy. We reduce the oil as commonly used when frying. A low temperature when steaming also means less energy is used.

How to Process a Healthy Sea Fish and Rich Omega 3

Sea fish rich in omega 3 and other nutrients can be processed in a practical and healthy way. One way is by making steamed fish dishes. Not only delicious and practical because it does not require a lot of complementary ingredients, steamed fish dishes also have a variety of advantages when compared with other cooking techniques.

Cooking process by steaming makes the content of vitamins and minerals contained in the fish so it is not easy to lose. In addition, the texture of steamed fish will also remain juicy and not easily destroyed because it does not need to be turned back when steamed. Just add a few simple spices such as onion, garlic, onion, soy sauce, and margarine Blue Band Multipurpose, warm steamed fish dishes ready to serve with other dishes.

Healthy living for the baby is not as complicated as many people may imagine, because Mother can get used to start making healthy food for child growth. So, invite your baby to benefit from omega 3 from a simple and tasty steamed fish dish.