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Even scientists agree that there is something to the whole idea of chicken soup-as-cold remedy, but few of us battling a cold or flu have the strength to stand there, watching over a stove. If you want to go heartier, add pasta or whole grains like bulgur to your favorite soup recipe. Pour the besan mixture over the kale leaves and toss them around well so the mixture coats the kale leaves evenly. In a recent conversation with the Nutritionist at HyVee (yes, there really was one)-she said that none of their brands of soup had gluten in them.

Whirling tender peas in the blender to thicken the Scandanavian-style soup without flour. These quick & simple recipes are just the ticket – and they’re easy to whip up in the time it takes your soup to heat up. When we are trying to cut back (usually in January after the holidays) we enjoy a small bowl of this soup before each meal.

Corned Beef is brisket that has been boiled in spices (you eat it around St. Patty’s Day – it’s Irish) and Roast Beef is just baked as is. They taste different. Most granola is a fancy twist on toasted oats—consider that when contemplating the exorbitant prices retailers charge for it. The thing is, granola is incredibly easy to make at home, and for a fraction of the cost.

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