Wholesome Bean Chili

This beef chili recipe is delicious – even my finicky son loves it. I put in extra vegetables to make it healthier. This easy crock pot chili is seasoned with an envelope of chili seasoning along with chili powder and garlic. Chicken, turkey, pork or even tofu if you want to make this a vegetarian style of chili. At this point you’re not looking to do anything special with the sausage other than make it easy enough to work with.

In my opinion the hominy really works well-I think I like it better than the beans. In it he concluded that in all his accumulated material there was a preference for beans in chili. Lightly pre-cook the beef over a medium flame and strain away any of the excess fat and oil.

It gives me a great smoky Mexican’ish flavor, but WITHOUT the heat that straight chili powder blends┬ácan have. This chili is great for tucking into your slow cooker in the morning, so you can come home to a warm winter dinner. However, many people simply love the flavor and texture of beans in their chili, and they sure do make it a more well-rounded meal.chili recipe

Swirl your pot around to make sure the oil is coated over the whole bottom of the pot. If you use plain meat then you’ll probably need more spices and chili powder or something for flavoring. Not only has cooking with the Instant Pot been easier to clean, it has given me back some sanity when I’m in the kitchen.

And because the Instant Pot cooks faster than other methods, I don’t feel like I NEED to multi-task to get a meal on the table in a timely matter. Ladle the chili into bowls and serve right away with the cheese and green onions. I have a gluten-free cornbread on my blog that would go perfectly with your chili.