Ways to Enjoy Your Chocolate Cake

For many people, chocolate cake is a symbol of love and happiness. The flavour is so rich that it can be overwhelming in just one bite. It’s hard to imagine how anyone could get bored with this delicious dessert!

There are many ways you can enjoy this classic dessert with others: as the main course for an elegant dinner party, as a sweet ending after an intimate meal at home, or even as dessert for breakfast. Here are some recipes that will satisfy any craving!

To keep your taste buds satisfied, here are some ways you can enjoy your cake without getting tired of it:

1. Pair it with fruit.

Most chocolate cakes have fruit toppings. This is not only because these fruits are a colourful garnish; they complement the rich flavour of the chocolate as well so that it continues to sit well with our palate.

There are many different types of chocolates, but milk, dark and white chocolate tend to be the standards. Milk chocolate’s rich sweet taste pairs well with fruits that have acidity such as citrus or tangy berries while also playing nicely in melons and peaches which can get very sugary without something bitter-sweet offsetting them out too much. Meanwhile, darker varieties work really well on bananas because they provide balance by neutralizing their sweetness.

2. Chocolate cake suits well with red wine!

For some people, chocolate can be too sweet and creamy, even in their dark varieties. To tone these down, they pair their chocolate cake with a beverage, such as coffee or tea. Surprisingly, red wine proves to be a perfect match for chocolate cake too!

The marriage between the rich, lush Cabernet Sauvignon and chocolate cake is nothing short of blissful. The wine’s velvety texture accents the mocha flavours in your favourite baked dessert; the oaky spice notes of the wine also give a warm feeling while enjoying the cake.

3. After steak.

Having steak for dinner (or any meat entrée in particular) can be numbing to the taste buds. It’s very savoury, and while it satiates you, you’d usually end up craving for something sweet and creamy instead of a citrusy treat. This is normal, since citrusy flavours can ruin the aftertaste of steak and other savoury dishes unless they are prepared with cream or dairy.

Chocolate cake is then recommended as a dessert to be served after steak dinners. The rich flavour of chocolate allows you to digest the salty and spicy aftertastes of the steak without altering your taste buds. Dark chocolate cakes do the job right, especially when they are paired with a glass or two of red wine.

4. Milk.

Chocolate cake is the perfect dessert to go with any type of milk. If you want something traditional, order up some chocolate syrup mixed into your favourite variety – whether it be whole or low-fat! Children will love drinking their drinks out if this too; they’re sure not only tasty but fun as well (and learning experience!).

For those feeling less indulgent, try heating up an extra sip simply by adding in one small drop vanilla extract before blending together again for another flavour option: