This time I will discuss typical pork preparations , which have a really yummy taste. Indeed, Indonesia itself is not familiar with pork dishes, because in Indonesia it is the country with the largest Muslim ummah in the world.
But in Indonesia itself, there are a lot of pork dish sellers, who have a variety of processed pork menus that are just right for your tongue. This article is specifically for those of you who are non-halal culinary lovers.

So, guys, the 10 typical Indonesian pork preparations listed below are really mandatory for you to taste. Just from the photo it makes you drool! Indeed, this pork looks very chewy + oily, that’s what makes your tongue feel spoiled by the tenderness of the meat, coupled with unique spices, makes pork taste perfect!

So, here are typical pork dishes that are lezatozz!

1. Babi Guling

pork roll

Babi guling is one of the most famous culinary delights in Indonesia, this one culinary originates from the Island of the Gods. It’s easy to find Babi Guling dishes, guys, not only in Bali, usually in big cities you can also find this delicious dish.

The processing of the babi guling itself is quite unique, namely by seasoning it with Balinese spices, then grilling it by skewering 1 whole pork, then rolling it, so it’s called Babi Guling guys. After cooking for about 3 hours, the pork roll is cut into pieces, mixed with some cooking, namely lawar, satay lilit, pork skin, pork sausage, and the most compulsory one in this pork roll, is the Sambal Matah, which makes 1 portion of pork. Perfect Bolster! For 1 serving of boiled pork, you can get around 35 thousand to 50 thousand. It depends on which depot or restaurant you go to.

2. Pork Satay

In second place is Pork Satay, this culinary delicacy is indeed a pork dish that is very easy to find, because pork satay is one of the favorite pork culinary delights with its sweet, salty, savory taste, and its soft, tender meat. Just one stick is not enough, guys. For those of you who have never eaten pork satay, this pork satay is very different from the chicken satay which is usually eaten with peanut sauce. As for the pork satay, it is usually seasoned with sweet soy sauce, then grilled, then given spices in the form of tomato sauce and cooked chili. Makes 1 portion of this pork satay look really tempting and delicious! The difference is also in the size of the pork cutlet which is bigger than the guys chicken satay.
For pork satay itself, it’s easy to find, from depots to restaurants you can find in your area, for 1 serving of pork satay filled with 5 sticks, it usually costs 35 thousand. With a price of 35 thousand, it is really worth it, because the chin is large plus the delicious seasoning!