The Best Ways to Organize Your Weekly Meals in Order to Stay Fit and Healthy

Food contains varieties of nutrients that’ll help the body grow and function optimally. It is also true that the more tedious our physical activities are, the more food we are expected to consume, which means there is a direct correlation between physical activities and food intake.

While it is important to eat, so as to replenish the amount of energy expended during physical activities, it is also advisable to consume foods with fewer calories, as they are easier to burn during physical exercises. Meal boxes are one great way to organize a healthy meal as you would be able to select what goes directly into your meal boxes beforehand. This explains why professional athletes are one of the sets of people who consume the meal box the most, as meal boxes hand over the power of what you want or not in your meal over to the individual.

Apart from organizing healthy meals through meal boxes, here are a few tips to organize your weekly meals in order to stay fit and healthy.

Have a Meal Journal

The first thing that should occur to any individual who is ready to dive into this is having a meal journal. Having a meal journal inspires you on what to eat, and what you want to cook over the next few days, or even weeks. When planning your meal, consider the available time with regards to your activities planned for the week. Plan your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sometimes, lunch can be replaced with fruits, depending on how you see it fit. Don’t forget to include leftovers in your meal journal. There are days you wouldn’t feel like making any meal.

In the meal journal, create a day for shopping after listing the meals for the week. Have a shopping list you can take when going grocery shopping, as this makes it easier to cross items out.  You can get a small notepad, organize it on Google calendar or even on a sticky note but most importantly it should be written down.

Eat in Moderate Proportions

When trying to stay fit and healthy, you shouldn’t eat according to how hungry you are.  Your fist clenched is the size of a cup, a cup of rice, pasta, cereal or fruit is okay.  Limit the size of fats to the size of your thumb or even less. This will help you a whole lot.

Consult Cookbooks

Go through cookbooks, recipes, magazines, or even Pinterest for food varieties, instead of sticking with the regular meals. Most of these cookbooks include the complete shopping list, and you can easily check the ingredients necessary or any alternative just in case you have an allergy.

Don’t Overstuff the Refrigerator

It feels nice when you know your fridge is stocked up and you don’t have to go grocery shopping every now and then. However, what you don’t know is that keeping your fridge airy and light with the right amount of food is the best way to go. When the fridge is over stuffed, food gets hidden at the back and with time, it will lose its freshness.  It’s better to stop at the store weekly; it gives a higher chance of having fresh ingredients, and foods which are healthy for you.

 Organizing your meal would help you in many ways that one. Aside from eating healthy, it saves you a lot of time, stress and even money. Take the first step today to organize yourself to eat healthy in order to stay fit.