The Basics In Buying And Cooking Fish.

Fish is not only healthy but tasty as well. However, most people think that preparing a fish meal is difficult. Then there is the concern of being able to purchase those that are fresh. Using fish as a main ingredient in a dish is not complicated. In fact, it is simple. I will give here some tips that would be helpful when you will be buying and cooking fish.

Our major concern in buying fish is basically its freshness. Fresh fish smells like the sea. I would have to say that if you live far from the sea, looking for markets that sell fresh fish would really be hard since most likely majority if not all of it would definitely be selling frozen fish. Sometimes in supermarkets they indicate that the fish is fresh when actually it isn?t and has just not been frozen.

It is important that you also observe how the particular shop stores and displays the fishes they sell. Fish should be stored properly resting or partially buried in ice under sanitary conditions. Whole fresh fish have gills that are still pink or red. The fish?s eyes are clear and shiny and its scales are reflective. If the fish has already been precut into filets or steaks, it should not be brown or dry and it should be moist.

If you do not have any source of truly fresh fish then the frozen alternative would be the next best option. Most fishing boats actually freeze the fishes at sub zero temperatures after a few hours of catching and it maintains the quality and freshness almost near that of a fresh fish. Always check the packaging and make certain that there are no discolorations on the flesh of the fish.

When cooking fish the most important thing that you need to remember is never to overcook it or have it over done. Especially if the fish is fresh, having it just slightly done preserves its strong flavor and soft texture. We don?t want our fishes to taste flavorless and dry. This is what usually happens when you overcook your fish. We want our fishes to be juicy and palatable.

There a lot of variables that we need to consider in cooking fish like its thickness, the temperature of the cookware in which the fish is cooked in and basically your personal preference. Fish is sufficiently cooked when it is firm and its meat is flaky. It is just important that irregardless on whether you?ll fry the fish, roast, grill or whatever way you would to cook it, always preheat in advance the cooking equipment to avoid the fish from sticking to the pan and losing much of its moisture.

Cook fish using simple methods. With the appropriate fish and the right recipe, I?m pretty sure that your family will enjoy the meal you prepared.