Steve Martorano Meatball Recipe

Deliciously tasty and easy mince and meatballs recipes including classics like spaghetti Bolognese, chilli con carne, lasagne and mac n cheese meatballs. I use the meatballs from your carrot soup w spinach recipe alllllllll the time. Richards, the executive chef at St. Cecilia in Buckhead, gave us this recipe for meatballs made with ground pork, ground beef and mushrooms — porcinis if you can get them. And for a sauce option using vine-ripened plum tomatoes, I love this recipe for Balsamic Pesto Marinara Sauce.

So easy, and we did everything you told us not to do: Meatball Parmesan; over Spaghetti-all delicious. I started laughing because no sooner do I plan to print and try a recipe than I see another one I want as well, and then I’m like ten recipes deep before I even print the first one I saw!

I’m going to make these meatballs for a Christmas get together (potluck for only about 60 people), they call for panko or breadcrumbs & you can substitute Rice Chex. We love Gordon Ramsay’s rich, Italian recipe – it makes a wholly uplifting midweek dinner.

To #150 Ivana – the mixture was very wet, although I used fresh bread crumbs (frozen bread chopped up in the food processor) I did the recipe exactly in Deb’s proportions – refrigerated the entire mixture for about 30 mins before scooping out the meatballs with a scoop.

Good enough to be named for the classic song, Rachael’s On Top of Ole Smoky, All Covered with Cheese: Spaghetti and Meatballs use ground sirloin and pork for a plate of perfect nostalgia. I am very fond of D Holzman and M Chernow’s quirky Meatball Shop Cookbook for more unusual meatballs.