Reasons Children Can not Drink Much Fruit Juice

In order to grow children can be optimal, Mother diligently incorporate various types of healthy foods in the menu everyday, ranging from vegetables, fruits, lean meats, to other types of healthy fats.
But there is one thing that sometimes you forget. What is the child often drunk at home? Sweet drinks like sweet tea? Fruit juice? Soft drink? Or vitamin-bottled beverages? Or even a sports drink or an energy drink commonly drunk in adulthood?
Types of beverages that are often drunk this child who can sometimes have a negative impact on his health, including fruit juice. Many mothers think fruit juice is the kind of beverage that nourishes the child. In fact, children should not drink much fruit juice
This is the reason why children should not drink much fruit juice except cold pressed juice jakarta :

1. Weight gain can rise excessively

Although you do not add sugar, the fruit juice and vegetables still taste sweet. This is because the natural sugar comes from the fresh fruit and vegetables themselves. The problem of this type of sugar tend to be more and more calories are greater when the fruit is processed into juice. That is why, too often drink fruit juice can eventually make children easy to overweight.

2. Increased tartar risks

Sweet drinks tend to have high levels of acidity. Therefore, often drinking sweet drinks can make children more at risk of experiencing tartar. Disturbance of tartar can occur even before the teeth grow. For example, because your baby is accustomed to drinking various types of beverages with bottles, including fruit juice. The sugar content of the drinks eventually accumulate in the teeth and gums, and will eventually become tartar.

3. The child may be a picky eater

Sweet drinks contain many calories, so children tend to be full before eating heavy meals that have been prepared Mother at home. He also becomes more fussy when eating and tend to just choose what he likes. If not eat any he can satisfy his hunger through sweet drinks, including fruit juice.
Well, if your child including select foods, try the first stop drink sweet habits, including fruit juice. This will help to encourage her to develop better habits and appetites.

4. Children may experience diarrhea

Some children have problems in digesting some types of sugar in sweet drinks. Sugar in high concentrations in fruit juice can increase bowel disorders, so the child can diarrhea
If children often experience diarrhea due to drink fruit juice, growth can be hampered. Therefore, the energy and nutrients it needs has been lost from the body when he had diarrhea.