Host An Awesome Birthday With These 7 Minion Party Ideas

Is your kid from the maddening world of Gru whose birthday is around the corner? Well, it’s time to enter Dr. Nefario’s lab and get down to work. You can start by jotting down the budget and figuring out a perfect venue to celebrate your kid’s birthday bash. Hosting a Minion theme party is not always about bringing a Minion cake while watching the Despicable Me movies, it’s always more than expected. You can be like Gru who cares about no one else but his kids and his minions and goes off the limits just like he did to keep Antonio away from his Margo.

Now, you might have few things in your head to celebrate it the maddening style but here’s a list of things you might want to jot down and be the perfect host for this month.

  • Minions Madness

You can start by making Minion-Inspired invitations and mark the beginning by infusing some excitement among everyone. These are easily available online or you can even pick a format and get it in bulk. And also, get a Thank You Minion Notes so as to give the little ones as soon as they go back home.

  • Despicable Me Party Supplies

Pick up your bag and gather all the party favors you need. Begin with Minions-Inspired plates, cups, caps, spoons, forks, toys and if you actually want to make it extra-maddening, you can even pick Minion-Inspired table covers, Cushion covers, and curtains.

  • Minions Stationary

Kids world start with toys, pencils, and end it in doodling in each one of them. Visit the nearby toon store and collect all the essentials starting form pencils, erasers, sketch pens, coloring notebooks all wrapped artistically with Minions. You can even get the kid pumped up by bringing a Minion-Inspired school bag.

  • Mischievous Minion Decadence

You don’t have to check their teeth to know if they like sweet desserts or not. Kids can thrive on sweet all day long and still come up to for more. Online Birthday Cake and get it customized just as you need.

  • Giant Minion Balloon

Add a huge addition to the whirling world of Minions Mayhem and make them go bonkers. Balloons are a necessary part of the birthday celebration and you can make it more magical with a balloon which is of the same size as the star of the party.

  • Minion-Inspired Costumes

Minions Mayhem is yet not over. Order one piece Minion costumes for everyone at the birthday party. Whether they are Kids, parents, grannies, make sure age becomes no bar when it comes to Minions madness.

  • Minions Playset And Plush Toys

You can even include Minions games as an indoor or outdoor activity and make them roll in more birthday fun. Scrabbles, Balls, video games and everything you can manage to lay your hand on.

Kids always want a one-of-a-kind birthday party and to do so, you can always pick up their favorite Minion theme and go overboard with the party kit and the subsequent party preparations.