Have a wild holiday season

As soon as I feel the chill in the air, and the promise of snow on the horizon, I eagerly wait for all holiday festivities to begin. I fantasize about the succulent smell of moose, caribou, lamb or deer roast in the oven and anticipate the cheer of friendly gatherings. Why is it that often when people think of hosting a large seasonal gathering, they instantly settle on roasting a turkey?  Believe it or not, there are endless meal choices available at our local hunters, butchers, and grocery stores. Think about it, do you really want to offer your guest their tenth turkey dinner this season? Don’t get me wrong, turkey is delicious, and deserves credit for its ability to happily fill many bellies. However, turkey isn’t the only good easy option available for your next delicious, hearty seasonal gathering.  Like what, you may ask? Impress your guests with a roasted venison with creamy baked potatoes, and celeriac. Believe me they will thank you. Perhaps you want to stay clear of red meat?  Well, you are in luck. For more info you can visit : https://www.wildfleisch.store/ There are all sorts of waterfowl to help make your gathering standout, from yet another turkey meal. Grouse, partridges, chukkas, woodcock, duck, and goose, just to name a few, and they are all delicious. Not convinced? A traditional roast Grouse with blackcurrant and beetroot sauce will convert you. Try any of these “chickens” of wild games, to switch up your holiday menu, impress your guest, while maintaining the familiar “easy” factor that turkey provides. Worried your guest might be picky eaters?  Don’t worry, all picky eaters love good food. So pick a recipe with care, cook according to the directions, and your menu will be a success. Take this anticipated holiday season, and perfect excuse to cook for a crowd, and adventure out of your comfort zone. Find new recipes, or ask your butcher how to prepare hare haunch, or snipe for fun ways to introduce new traditions. Don’t think of it as switching up your turkey options for something new, think of it as keeping traditions delicious. Wild meat is the most traditional way to prepare for this holiday season.