Granny’s Chocolate Cake Recipe

Post your recipe and get notifications when other cooks review and add photos to it. I took the cake out when the top domed, and when a toothpick came out with just a couple of moist crumbs sticking to it (no batter). I’ve made this cake several times with hazelnut flour and it is just as delicious! I’ve made this cake a few times and love it but I need to double the recipe for a 33cm rectangle tin to get the depth of cake I want.chocolate cake recipe

Some even say it might go all the way back to the Indians who did make something very similar to the hoe cake, and many still do, called Indian fry bread or a Johnny cake. FYI, the frosting recipe ‘ganache’ in this cake does not require whipping the cream.

I don’t have a 30cm springform cake pan though, so I lined the bottom and sides of a 26cm cake pan, cooked it for an hour at 160, reduced the heat, and cooked it for a further 30 mins at 150, it turned out perfect. I used a simple and delicious Chocolate Buttercream Frosting from Savory Sweet Life.

To make the glaze: Combine the chocolate and cream in a microwave-safe bowl, and heat until the cream is very hot, but not simmering. You can also take a look at our cake troubleshooting feature and Mary Berry’s baking tips for more ideas. There are tons of comments on it, from readers who tried and and LOVED it. Many of them say it’s the only chocolate cake they will ever make again!

I was always thinking of making the most delicious chocolate cake after happened to eat one and I tried out your recipe original except for the powdered sugar for frosting which I added only 3 cups. And I got me a new Progressive collapsible cake carrier so I can now carry a tall cake hehehe.