Defend Your Rights as a Father

All children benefit from a relationship with and love from two parents. You should not be prevented from seeking primary custody of your children, simply because you are a man and a father.

Breaking up is a difficult thing for any parent, but especially fathers who may feel that they are naturally at a disadvantage when it comes to demanding their rights. Fortunately, Oklahoma household regulation has provisions for single or divorced fathers to shield their relationship with their children. A sturdy and skilled recommendation can assist you to recognize how to assert it.

To hold custody or visitation of a child, a man in Oklahoma should first set up a father. In Oklahoma, fatherhood relies upon whether or not an infant is born in a marriage. In particular, a man is automatically considered the legal father of a child if he marries the mother when the child is born. Similarly, if an infant is now not born in wedlock, however, the man and the mom are married inside 300 days after the kid’s birth, then he is regarded as a father.

A father has no legal right to his infant in phrases of custody or visitation of the infant beside a court docket order whereas the mom is mechanically granted rights related to custody and visitation.

fathers rights Oklahoma are enforced by law that allows courts to include visitation provisions in child support orders if the court determines the noncustodial parent has been denied reasonable visitation. The best course of action to ensure your rights as a father are protected is to consult a lawyer.

The importance of a lawyer dedicated to Father’s Rights

Fathers are more than just financial providers for their children. Tulsa Dads Law is dedicated to protecting clients’ rights, especially clients’ rights to child custody, child visits, and time with their children.

  • Fathers prefer to be concerned about their kids’ lives.
  • Fathers deserve to be in their kids’ lives.
  • Fathers have the proper to be existing in their kids’ lives.

It’s often true that dads in Oklahoma custody cases are better parents than moms. In this case, the “child’s best interest” is the father receiving primary custody, not the mother. However, as previously stated, Oklahoma family laws dictate mom and dad start on the same playing field when it comes to child custody. This is why it is so important to fight for custody of your children and hire an attorney dedicated to Father’s Rights.

Child custody is important, but deciding how your child is raised is an equally important aspect of your child’s life. Decision-making authority naturally rests with both parents. However, bad actions by either parent can result in the loss of their decision-making authority.

The three most important aspects of parental decision-making authority concern: primary medical care for your child; the school or school your child attends; and extracurricular activities your child will or will not participate in outside of class. In addition to fighting for custody of your child, you must defend your right to retain decision-making authority for your child’s health.