Chili Recipe

Whether you like your chili with ground meat or chuck roast, pinto beans or no beans at all, the basic method for making it is the same. It does involve several items you don’t often see in chili, like molasses and coffee, but I’ve been modifying this recipe over the years to the point where this is what I like. In a pot, heat up the oil and add in the onion, garlic, chili powder and cumin.

Add the tomato juice, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, kidney beans and pinto beans to either the skillet or slow cooker, depending on which you are using. Like another commenter, this recipe was the first thing I made wth my new Instant Pot cooker. You can also lay down some pinto beans on top of the spaghetti before adding the chili.

I used dried beans, soaked overnight, and was concerned about them being done when the chili was ready, but it was perfect. Don’t forget the toppings: a little sliced radish, avocado, or some crushed corn chips can accent your easy chili, complement its flavors, and add easy wow to your presentation.chili recipe

Rated 5 out of 5 by Sandyluv2cook from Great Chili Recipe My family loves this Chili. This well-seasoned chili makes a big batch, and it’s packed with beef and spices. After I tasted this chill, I immediately ripped up my previous recipe and put this in its place.

Also, Jenn mentioned two different chili ingredients that I couldn’t find so I used regular chili. I don’t like it too spicy and so 1tsp of hot chilli powder was fine for me. I also added some cinammon, mixed herbs and kidney beans which are already in a chilli sauce, which just gives something extra to the dish.