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If you are anything like me, your freezer is full of the stuff and you have made burgers way too many times lately. You can assemble tacos by placed some fajita veggies first, the beef strips on top of them, and then topped off with the guacamole, sour cream, and salsa OR you can make yourself a delicious fajita plate. This is a new version of my most popular recipe on the blog: the Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet So good!

I have a lot of recipes posted in the blog for salads I basically used those but eliminated the crunchy items (nuts, fruits). When kids see these beefy, cheesy bombas, they’ll want to ditch their knives and forks and dig right in with their hands. You make it easy to follow from start to finish, not to mention how great the kitchen tips page is for a new cook!ground beef recipes

The sauce was an intriguing and unusual de Burgo sauce with an herb and spice combination creating a subtle pairing with the butter and the beef. Ginger, cumin and curry powder give this beef and rice dish some serioius flavour. This quick meal packs the addictive flavours of classic beef tacos onto crispy flatbread crusts.

These Ground Beef Enchiladas are stuffed into a carved zucchini boat instead of wrapped in a tortilla. Appetizers include classic dolmades, stuffed grape leaves with seasoned beef and rice served with lemon sauce. Make this beef and bean chili for game day with friends or when you’re expecting a crowd for dinner.

This tamale pie is layered with cornbread, ground beef, and cheese, then baked in a skillet. All can be made with alternate meats, ground chicken, pork and lamb are great to mix it up! Watch how to make our ground beef taco pie filled with peppers, tomatoes, and a cheesy cheddar topper.