Bar Décor Examples To Inspire Your Venue

Harry’s Bar And Grill – Newcastle Upon Tyne

Sporting a modernised version of an art deco theme, the bar is long and rectangular with a white marble surface. The sides are set with panels of different rectangular ribbons of colour with discreet illumination. The ceiling above the bar features large thirties inspired panels of stained glass in deep gold and highlighted in red. Rows of glasses line a rail above the bar which features shelving with spotlights. The flooring is tiled in a pattern and colours that echo the stained glass ceiling. Narrow lamps with gold shades run parallel to the bar.

The Dancing Man – Southampton

This bar has made the most of its location in a fourteenth century listed building that was once used for storing wool. The high vaulted ceiling features dozens of exposed roof beams that blend into the timbers that support the walls of restored brick. The spacious interior has a central island bar with a spindle style balustrade that is circular in shape. Tables and chairs are scattered throughout.

The Lamb And Flag – Oxford

The rectangular bar is styled in light oak with panelling around the base while above a mantlepiece supported by several carved pillars is decorated with plants. A mirrored backdrop reflects the shelving complete with bottles and ornaments that link to the Georgian past of the building. Suspended from the ceiling is a large wrought iron hoop that holds spotlights. High bar stools with backrests line the edge of the bar. The flooring is of grey stone flags where separate tables and chairs in darker wood are arranged in rows.

The Dog And Hedgehog – Nuneaton

Set in a Victorian building, the bar is reminiscent of a country barn with a high interior ceiling that reveals the exposed rafters and roof beams. Suspended from the highest point of the apex is an enormous glittering chandelier. The walls are whitewashed to create an air of simple elegance enlivened by deep red velvet curtains to add a touch a touch of luxury. Oil paintings depicting scenes of a bygone age are placed uniformly round the walls creating an orderly, relaxed image.

Pitcher And Piano – Bristol

The extra long bar runs the entire length of one wall and is white with rectangular blue panels. Above it there are tubular metal frames suspended from the ceiling that are used for hanging rows of glasses. The tubular metal theme continues with the seating and tables which have blue metallic frames and seats with wooden back rests. The wooden panelling which lines the wall at the back of the bar has a distinctly distressed look. The lighting has an industrial image with small spotlights on long spires of metal that fold in rectangular shapes to complete the grids above the bar.

Inspiration – Dawnvale

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