5 Mistakes Breakfast That Just Make You More Fat

As we know, breakfast becomes the most important meal time of the day. But we tend to often make mistakes during breakfast that actually triggers the buildup of fat and calories in the body. Then the habit of mistakes at breakfast like what the hell that can make you become fat? Let’s just see the info below.

  1. Drinking juice

Drinking a glass of juice in the morning is healthy and can be your encouragement to start the day. But there is bad news for you who like to drink juice at breakfast. It turns out that juice can make fat! How can you? This is because when the juice is juiced, the only remaining water and sugar content is high, let alone for the packaging juice. While the content of vitamins and fiber is good for the body’s metabolic processes, will be reduced. Well rather than drinking juice, you better consumption of fruit directly. Surely you will get the benefits of the fruit in full.


  1. Origin of choosing food

Because breakfast is the most important meal time, so you should not choose a menu for breakfast well, Toppers. Do not just satiety, but the most important is the nutrients. In addition, you should avoid foods that are too heavy such as high carbohydrate foods, because in addition to triggering fat stacks, heavy foods also force the digestion to work too hard. Well then, choose a breakfast menu that does not force the digestive organs to work too hard, because at night our body organs have been working very hard for the detoxification process. Foods with complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal and whole wheat breads, can be an alternative to rice or bolu for breakfast. read also, how to make bolu cake receipe


  1. Excessive portion


Toppers already prepared a healthy menu for breakfast, such as oatmeal, vegetables and fruits. But the portions are very good. Same lie! Be healthy whatever your breakfast menu, but if you consume it in excessive portions, still will make the needle scales your body moving to the right. In addition to making fat, eating too much will also make you sleepy all day because of satiety. Well therefore, eat with a reasonable portion and to taste well, Toppers. Do not get too full.

  1. Forget the water


Certainly Toppers already know 90{45d44c7638c99d836c8a8cf1f9391ee9c1971410f5e14b7cf4fa6b38b3db838e} of our body consists of water? So Toppers can see if the water is very important for the health of our bodies. In addition to healthy, it turns out water can also prevent obesity tablets, Toppers. Because in addition to accelerate the process of metabolism, drinking water can also make you full faster. Therefore, do not forget to always drink water after eating well, Toppers.


  1. Drink coffee


Drinking coffee or tea is not a problem, the problem is when you add sugar or creamer into it. Certainly Toppers already know the two sweeteners are high in calories that can you fat? Instead, you can use low-calorie ingredients such as palm sugar and honey to sweeten the coffee or tea you make, but still do not overdo it.