20 Ground Beef Recipes From Around The World

How many of you are like me and keep ground beef stocked in your refrigerator or freezer? Next, I added the ground beef and stirred that around until there weren’t big clumps and it was no longer pink. And one of our favorite rebellious taco moves is to make taco quesadillas instead of the so-last-summer tacos my kids love. These shortcuts make it really easy to whip up this lasagna in just a few minutes.

If you don’t eat beef, try ground buffalo, venison, turkey, chicken, pork or a soy substitute that contains no meat at all. For Mexican Stuffed Peppers, all you really need are the peppers, tomato sauce, and beef! This cooking conversion chart provides a quick reference list you can access online or simply print to keep in your recipe box.

The recipes and images are free for your school to use as part of your school lunch program. Pack potato-base gnocchi and juicy meatballs into this cheesy tomato casserole for all the comfort of a carb-loaded Italian dish at just 25 grams of carb per serving.

I do the chopping of all my veggies, precooking of any ground beef or other meats, all at once. I decided, for Mother’s Day, I would put together a roundup that celebrated the reason we have this day….kids. There’s no need to choose between shepherd’s pie and beef Stroganoff, thanks to this simple skillet dinner, which combines a creamy mushroom-and-beef filling with a smooth, buttery potato topping.ground beef recipes

This tasty recipe is a quick fix when tacos just won’t do. There is no rolling involved and each slice has a generous helping of thick enchilada sauce. And a note about food safety ; cook ground beef and any ground meat until well done! This Ground Beef Zucchini Sweet Potato Skillet is low-carb, gluten-free and paleo-friendly meal that will be ready in less than 30 mins.