Libby’s (And Grandma Winnie’s) Chili Con Carne

21/07/2018 chili recipe

This ultra easy beef chili recipe is so scrumptious that even the pickiest of souls is sure to love it! So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, that is why. Beer is a game-day staple, but it also happens to be the secret ingredient in this hearty bowl of chili. Kelsey slims down her chili recipe by using lean ground bison, but doesn’t compromise on flavor.

A large can of cooked pinto beans is not much more expensive than uncooked pinto beans. Add the molasses and enough beef broth to cover everything – you want it to be thin like a soup. Add the remaining ingredients and cook uncovered, over low heat, for 3-4 hours or until the stew beef is shredded.chili recipe

My husband kept raving as did I. I used turkey and omitted the jalapeño because I forgot it at the store. When the ground beef is cooked, drain oil from the beef in a colander placed in a plate or bowl large enough to hold the excess oil. Go for about 80{45d44c7638c99d836c8a8cf1f9391ee9c1971410f5e14b7cf4fa6b38b3db838e} lean to get the best flavor out of this budget friendly recipe.

I’d like to make it for a slightly bigger group but hoping to do it in one batch without going over the recommended capacity for the Instant Pot. At my grocery store, a can of low sodium beans costs around $1, making our weekly bean consumption equal to $15 worth of cans.chili recipe

Hi Darlene, My family prefers it without beans but feel free to add a can of drained beans for the last half hour of cooking. After I browned beef and vegetables, I combined in a LARGE stockpot and cooked for 2 hours on low, then transferred to a Crock Pot for 8 hours on Low.chili recipe