If you’ve exhausted your last chicken breast recipe but still want a meal that’s full of lean protein , you may want to look into healthy salmon recipes. You can toss it with pasta; add it to a sandwich; fill an omelet; top a pizza; use it like a salsa on grilled fish; spice up a potato salad; as well as create the world’s best deviled eggs. Though the farm-raised salmon falls terribly short in the health department, wild salmon is a nutritional star.

Anna Hansen cures the fish in beetroot and liquorice in her striking Salmon gravlax recipe , demonstrating that curing fish, while time consuming, is perfectly accessible to the home cook. Whether it’s a quick weeknight dinner we need, or an elegant holiday dish, this baked salmon recipe definitely rises to the occasion.

Bake in the preheated oven for 15-20 minutes, or until the salmon flakes easily with a fork. This simply seasoned baked salmon is elevated to a new level of delicious when paired with the spring greens, fennel, dill and crushed pistachios. Seasoned with just salt and pepper and paired with sliced oranges, this salmon recipe is a ridiculously easy, super healthy weeknight dinner.

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Check fillets for bones before cooking salmon by running your fingers over the surface. Salmon fillets and sides have pinbones, the inch-long, flexible bones that stick up vertically in a row down the center of the fillet. Debbie, yes, you can use to roll out or use tart cutter, but advise to keep the dough in the fridge to slightly harden it then easy to handle.

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