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29/11/2017 soup recipes

Starring seven brand-new recipes from our February issue (including this stellar kale and potato soup). Soup is the ultimate food to warm and nourish on colder days and our pick of soup recipes recipes will make nutritious meals that are packed with vitamins. Soups aren’t just to be enjoyed on those cold winter days, they’re great year-round and particularly for summer you should try one of our chilled soup recipes.

Then scoop the cream of chicken soup on that (since I doubled this recipe, I only had 3 cans of cream of chicken soup, so I added a can of cream of mushroom soup). A restaurant favourite – you can now make roast duck noodle soup at home and it couldn’t be easier.soup recipes

Hi ShopGirl ~ Weight Watchers doesn’t work like fad diets (say the Cabbage Soup Diet) where you eat only one thing. Now that you know how to make chicken soup you can use the same general method to make endless variations. The barley makes it more of a full meal than other vegetable soup recipes, so whip up a green salad , and call it a meal!soup recipes

Assembling enchiladas can take a big chunk of time, but this chicken soup version can be prepped in minutes in the morning. And Indian Muthi Kebabs with Indian Creamed Spinach are on the table, courtesy of my sweet friend, Peggy Hardaway of Buttoni’s Low Carb Recipes.soup recipes

Recipes are originals (unless otherwise sited) Please credit this blog as the source and link back to the original post as well as write the recipe in your own words, these (my) words are copywright protected. What’s better is that you can use whatever ingredients that are present to create a hearty and healthy soup dish.

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