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The Various Natural Fibers That Make Men’s Dress Socks Other than protecting and keeping the feet warm, dress socks should also serve as an accessory to your outfit. They come in endless constituents and styles. Thus, when deciding the best one to wear needs someone to take careful consideration. The natural fiber socks are warmer and softer compared to the synthetic type. With this in mind, if you want to get the natural socks, you should be ready to pay a higher price for the natural product. Learn about the various natural fiber men’s dress socks available in the market. Cotton material Cotton is one of the products used to make the dress socks despite the fact that it does not have similar insulation qualified found in most natural fibers. Even if it does not keep the feet warm, it is suitable for summer since it is able to breathe easily. Dress socks made using this product use pima or merchandised material which is a product that is not only durable but also soft. The products are also suitable as they make unique shades and patterns due to their sheen like characteristic.
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Bamboo material
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Bamboo is not as used as cotton but it is light weight and also attractive, and this is what makes it the second option to cotton. In most cases, the bamboo product is blended with the synthetic fibers which produce products that are suitable for warm weather which is ideal for anyone who is on a threadbare financial plan. The other attractive quality about this product is that it has a stunning silk-like appearance which is only grasped in expensive fabrics. However, individuals who have sweaty feet do not like using this product as it is known to trap moisture. Woolen dress socks Wool is a product that has the utmost insulation characteristics compared to both synthetic and natural products. This is the one main characteristics that make dress socks made of wool an ideal wear for the cold season. Those who manufacture fabrics prefer to use a particular type of wool as that is the one that comes from the Merino sheep. Most people use it because it is soft and durable. Dress socks made of wool are warm, gentle and ideal for the cold season. It is also one of the low-cost version that is available among the dress socks variety. Dress socks made of angora and cashmere Other than the fact that it is soft, the other reason that people prefer the use of cashmere and angora dress socks is the fact that it has a beautiful sheen that is silk-like. To add on to that they have an insulation features that is attractive. For those looking for a quality product to use during the winter time, then they should get this product. At the same time, given the quality of the product, they can be costly.