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Recapturing A Youthful Glow And Minimizing the Appearance Of Wrinkles


As women age, wrinkles and dry skin can become problematic. Skin can be irritated by makeup and facial cleansers, compounding skin issues further. The following tips will assist with recapturing a youthful glow and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. As a result, individuals will feel better about their appearance and may be more confident when around others.

Glasses Of Water

Water will assist with reducing toxins in the bloodstream that can contribute to unhealthy skin. Eliminating soft drinks, coffee and alcoholic beverages and replacing them with water will hydrate skin and restore its suppleness. If an individual does not wish to eliminate their favorite beverages, they can reduce the amount of carbonated and caffeinated beverages that they drink and will still be provided with noticeable results. A few drops of lemon or lime juice can be added to a glass of water to enhance its taste.

Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Fruit slices can be added to yogurt to improve its flavor and increase its nutrient content. Vegetable slices can be dipped into a low fat dressing or added to a bed of lettuce. Fruit peels and vegetable peels can be blended or added to a juicer to create a healthy beverage. On hot days, ice can be crushed and added to a drink to assist with keeping an individual hydrated.

Facials And Skin Masks

If skin has been exposed to sun for extensive amounts of time, a person’s face may have blemishes or dark spots on it. By eliminating the top layers of skin, healthy skin cells will be exposed and will reduce the signs of aging. People can receive assistance with treating their skin to a pampering session by visiting a local spa or health center. A professional facial will soothe sore facial muscles and soften skin. People can care for their skin at home by using skin masks. Skin masks are pleasantly scented and contain antioxidants. After a mask is applied to skin, it needs to penetrate the top layer for several minutes. Afterward, skin should be rinsed with warm water and dried with a soft cloth.

Additional skin care tips can be acquired by viewing information posted on Mom Files or a similar website.