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As I mentioned in our Best of February post, I am absolutely smitten with golden milk at the moment, also known as turmeric milk. Warm the unsweetened almond milk in a small pot and whisk in the powders to make a smooth paste. If it’s chocolate or nothing with you and your custard, just add some Dutch-process cocoa powder to the custard base. Talk about a crowd-pleaser: Add six large toasted marshmallows to the half and half in the classic chocolate ice cream recipe After you strain, add another four toasted marshmallows and four broken up graham crackers.ice cream recipes

It didn’t make the whole ice cream icy, it was still scoopable and creamy, but when I ate it, there was definitely teeny tiny bits of fine icy bits in the ice cream. You can drizzle your sauce or mix-ins straight into the ice cream and let the ice cream maker mix them in, or if you’re doing a more hack-type method, just stir in these mix-ins by hand.ice cream recipesice cream recipes

Place the brown meat in a crock pot and add a can of undiluted cream of CHICKEN (yes chicken) over the top of the roast and spread it around just the top. Whisk the cream in a separate bowl until soft peaks form when the whisk is removed. Hold at medium heat after boiling until adding the cream to the sauce (see below).

For a more grown-up vanilla, add a little whisky to your standard base before churning: The Scotch won’t overwhelm the ice cream, but lends a touch of maltiness, while enhancing the floral, honeyed flavors of the vanilla. Cobblers, a syrup (that I used on this pistachio cheesecake), muffins and more – but my favorite was this Almond Cherry Ice cream!

Pictured, from front to back: Chocolate-Mint Ice Cream, Chocolate-Peanut Butter Ice Cream and Chocolate-Rocky Road Ice Cream. I have a container of Lactantia 35{45d44c7638c99d836c8a8cf1f9391ee9c1971410f5e14b7cf4fa6b38b3db838e} creme that went sour before the stale-by date, when it was more than half full! The next time you’re looking to indulge in the awesomeness that is ice cream, this list will get you there.