Mary Berry’s Chocolate Cake Recipe

Updated: 1/12th of the cake (sugar free Pillsbury cake mix and 2 TBSP whipped topping) is 5PointsPlus for Weight Watchers. I like to make the cake, coconut frosting and chocolate frosting at least one day in advance. While the chocolate and butter are cooling a little, sieve the icing sugar into another bowl. At first i thought the cream cheese taste was too strong (I used Philadelphia Cream Cheese) but after whipping the frosting thoroughly, putting it on the cake and refrigerating the cake overnight, it tasted phenomenal.

This recipe is my quick version of that beloved cake and since I needed chocolate cake and I needed it fast, this one had to come first. Swathed in a frosting of marshmallow cream and bittersweet chocolate, this dark chocolate layer cake promises to make any occasion a cause for celebration.

Cut the Wheat, Ditch the Sugar is a low carb, keto recipe blog filled with savory and sweet recipes that flat-out make low carb cooking easy peasy light and breezy. The story is that the hoe cake came to be known as the hoe cake, because back in the day the field hands working in the crops had only some corn meal and water or maybe milk and their hoes to cook on over a hot fire.

This really is amazing always my go to birthday cake and amazing for cupcakes thaaaanks! German Chocolate Upside Down Cake: This is a late 20th century adaptation, influenced by black bottom cake. May cake find your mouth well in future to prevent aforementioned sweetness vacuum.chocolate cake recipe

It didn’t matter how violently ill I felt, in that moment, I was a god – the god of cake – and I was unstoppable. How To Cake It brings together a passionate community of baking and caking enthusiasts (of all ages and skill levels) as a one-stop shop for all things sweet!