Factors to keep in mind before purchasing mass gainer supplements

Mass gainer is the second most common supplement in the fitness world after whey protein. It has the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, and other essential nutrients. There are so many types of mass gainer supplements available these days that narrowing down to find the best mass gainer can be slightly daunting. 

There are various factors you need to keep in mind when buying mass gainer supplements. Read on to know more about these. 

  1. The ratio of protein and carbohydrates 

While whey protein is a pure protein supplement that helps you build lean muscle mass, a mass gainer has adequate amount of carbohydrates added in the formula. It is also enriched with essential nutrients that are needed for various functions of the body. Some of the best mass gainer supplements have the protein to carbohydrate ratio of 1:3 or 1:5. Protein is important for muscle building and preventing muscle loss after intense workouts, while carbohydrates provide you the boost of energy to push through your workouts. It is also important that the protein content in the mass gainer supplements should come from protein blends like – whey protein concentrate, casein protein, whey protein isolate etc. 

  1. Added digestive enzymes 

A good mass gainer is the one that has added digestive enzymes. All GNC mass gainer supplements are enriched with digestive enzymes, so you know you are investing in the right supplement. Digestive enzymes help with proper digestion of the supplement and also aid in quick absorption in the body. These enzymes reduce digestive problems like bloating, nausea, constipation etc. which are some common side effects of consuming mass gainer supplements. 

A lot of people have this misconception that if they increase their calorie intake through food, they’ll be able to gain weight. But this can lead to adding extra fat to your system and that’s not the aim. With added calorie intake it might become difficult for the person to digest them, and that’s why mass gainers with digestive enzymes prove to be helpful. 

  1. No added sugar 

When you buy whey protein or a mass gainer supplement, you should always lookout that there isn’t any extra sugar in it. The sugar content should not exceed 6 g in a 100 g serving. If it does exceed this amount then you’re buying yourself a rather expensive dessert. Thus, read the label carefully before making the final purchase. 

  1. Ingredient list 

It is really important that you go through the ingredient list carefully before making the final purchase. For most of the mass gainer the ingredient list is mentioned online and you can go through it really easily. There can be chances that you might be allergic to a certain ingredient. In such a case you can ask your doctor for a replacement. The mass gainer shouldn’t have any added sugar, and if you are gluten and soy allergic then it should be gluten and soy free. If there are added multivitamins in the formula, it’ll help boost immunity and keep up energy levels throughout the day. 

  1. Added creatine for best results 

The best mass gainer will have added creatine for optimum gains. Creatine is known to improve strength, increases lean muscle mass, and helps with faster muscle recovery. It provides muscular boost to athletes and fitness enthusiasts to help them push through their workouts and achieve their fitness goals. If you want to build muscle mass, then it is important to challenge yourself at each step and with creatine added to your mass gainer supplement, it’ll be quite beneficial. Creatine has various other benefits like – improves cell hydration, it is converted to creatine phosphate in the body that fuels the skeletal cells, improves athletic performance and stamina, and reduces protein breakdown. 

  1. Your doctor knows the best 

Make sure you consult before you start consuming any new GNC mass gainer supplement. Also ask your doctor and trainer about the right dosage and read more about it on the mass gainer packaging. Do not consume excess amount as it may lead to certain side effects. 

Best GNC mass gainers 

Some of the best mass gainer supplements by GNC are – 

  1. GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainer 
  2. GNC AMP Amplified Mass XXX
  3. GNC Pro Performance Bulk 1340
  4. GNC Beyond Raw Re-Build Mass XP

You should know that even the best mass gainer will not show results if you are not consistent with it. If you want to gain weight in a healthy way, have the best mass gainer in conjugation with a high protein diet and an optimal workout routine. 

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