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Reasons Children Can not Drink Much Fruit Juice

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In order to grow children can be optimal, Mother diligently incorporate various types of healthy foods in the menu everyday, ranging from vegetables, fruits, lean meats, to other types of healthy fats.
But there is one thing that sometimes you forget. What is the child often drunk at home? Sweet drinks like sweet tea? Fruit juice? Soft drink? Or vitamin-bottled beverages? Or even a sports drink or an energy drink commonly drunk in adulthood?
Types of beverages that are often drunk this child who can sometimes have a negative impact on his health, including fruit juice. Many mothers think fruit juice is the kind of beverage that nourishes the child. In fact, children should not drink much fruit juice
This is the reason why children should not drink much fruit juice except cold pressed juice jakarta :

1. Weight gain can rise excessively

Although you do not add sugar, the …